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Many consider the required learning units to maintain licensure a burden. Many architects rely on product reps giving an AIA approved lunch and learn presentation to keep up with their credits. Others wait until the end of the year and try to catch a couple of all day seminars to maintain their requirements. I really don’t understand this strategy. After a long week of trying to keep up with work while attending 16 hours of training, I feel energized by the new ideas, new knowledge, and better understanding I have of building science and construction code. I never stop looking for the latest thinking on how buildings work, how we interact with the built environment, and what other architects are doing to deliver better quality. To me, this is the backbone to my potential success with any project. If my clients cannot look to me to know what options are available, what strategies work best, and what code issues we might have to wrestle with, then who in the process will be their “expert.” I cannot imagine only getting 18 learning units a year in this profession, which is the minimum required. I get 40-50 each year and still feel like I have missed some great opportunities to advance my knowledge. I encourage you to ask your architect what seminars they have attended and what their approach is to learning the latest trends and innovations in this industry.

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