Daily Green – making small changes each day will make a huge difference

Small Changes will make a big difference for us all.

There are many ways to go green. Many of these strategies save money and are not expensive to implement. Simple ideas done right such as planting a tree to shade your HVAC equipment will cut your energy costs. Even less labor intensive ideas such as changing light bulbs to LEDs or Fluorescent bulbs, using shades on your windows, and opening your windows when weather permits will all save money, cut energy consumption, and reduce the demand on the power company to build a new power plant. Sure you doing all these things is only a small impact on the community, but what if everyone in your community reduced their energy usage by 10-20%, then you start to see large changes. It is time to stop making “green” a political discussion and start using common sense. Saving money is on everyone’s political agenda, going “green” will save you money – it just so happens that you will also be reducing your carbon footprint.


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