Building an architectural brand

At a recent event I was discussing building science with an engineer. His friends commented that he was getting a free architectural consultation, but I saw it as helping someone better understand their home. Should professionals always have a clock running when they are talking about their area of expertise? I know our profession has lost respect over the years giving away many of their specialties to consultants. Am I adding to this problem by speaking freely with people about their homes without charging them or am I building my brand for when those people have more questions? Will they always expect free advice if they are given free advice at a social event? Is there a balance that needs to be set or is it all on or all off? How does writing a blog entry about understanding building science play into this attitude of “free” consulting? I want people to think of me as their building scientist architect for all their needs – can I do that if I send a bill after every question I am asked at dinner parties, online, or on the phone?

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