Architectural iPad

It is amazing to me that a company in 2010 can create a product like the iPad. A product that is something that did not exist, I did not know I needed, that I have to own now that they created it. Apple has done an amazing job at creating products, not just improving them, but creating a market for their expertise that did not exist before they showed up.

My question is, how do we create a desire for the building science knowledge that is an architectural iPad? We spend 90% of all our time indoors. Buildings impact our health, our moods, and our energy level. To me, everyone should know the term building science and should be focused on improving their homes / offices to create spaces that are not only energy-efficient, but are also healthy. Is there anything more valuable, more technologically advanced than our health and well-being? Isn’t it time for us all to demand our architectural iPads.

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