Community Architect in Virginia

The profession of architecture is changing rapidly. New technologies, new ideas, and a new mindset is clashing with the traditions of the profession. How we handle this change will shape our future, both in the built environment and in our profession. Will the architect gain influence or lose all credibility is a real issue in the coming years. I personally want my work to matter, to be meaningful, to impact the well-being of my community. I am not interested in iconic, sculptural, artistic ideas for the sake of being shocking or “known.” I want people to look at me as an architect and say, he made it easier for me to move in my house with my failing eyesight, or he understands that we have limited dollars to spend, but he found a way to give us the perfect house, or our office workers love coming to work, don’t get sick as often, and are more productive because of the thought put into our building. I believe this is a trend among the emerging leaders in the architectural profession. Dead are the ideas of corporate architecture, water guzzling lawns, and McMansions. The things that I am focused on are community, Universal Design, Biophilic design, affordable accessible architecture, climate appropriate buildings and landscape, small homes, health, and individual style. “because that is the way we always do it” is finished, let’s move forward to a bright and vibrant future where we celebrate diversity, collaborate with each other, and help our neighbors. Let’s be Architects that provide valuable service to our communities.

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